The Empire

The Empire was founded 2,367 years ago by Sigmar Heldenhammer, who was then the King of the Unberogen tribe. Sigmar united the tribes of Men and led them to a great victory against the Greenskins at the legendary battle of Blackfire Pass. Afterwards, Sigmar was crowned the first Emperor.

Since Sigmar’s time, the Empire has experienced various periods of growth and unity as well as decay and civil war. Before his death in 1152 IC, the apocryphal Emperor Mandred the Ratslayer was the last Emperor until Magnus’ reign began in 2304 IC shortly after the end of the Great War Against Chaos.

The provinces of the Empire are Westerland/Wasteland, Middenland, Reikland, Nordland, Hochland, Talabecland, Ostland, Ostermark, Stirland, Averland, Wissenland, and the Moot. The cities of Nuln, Talabheim, and Middenheim are also Grand Free Cities.

The Empire is notable for its Elector Counts, who are in theory the vassals of the Emperor, but in practice retain great power because they hold the power of election.

The Empire

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